Co-founders of Kalyta Partners

Evriviadis Cabiotis

Evriviadis is an economist specialising in the support and development of microfinance institutions in Africa and Eastern Europe for over 20 years now. An authority in MFI operations and needs, he knows exactly which elements should be improved to stimulate growth. Another of Evriviadis’ core strengths is his capacity to conceptualise MFI business models and translate them into business plans, supported by reliable financial projections and modelling.

Thi Hanh Cao

Holder of a Masters degree in Political Science, Thi Hanh has successfully managed several MFIs in Africa, Eastern Europe and Central Asia, often in a humanitarian crisis and/or post-conflict reconstruction context. Thi Hanh has also acquired a solid experience in MFIs institutionalisation and governance, negotiations with institutional and private investors, and fundraising.

Rodica Levitchi

Holder of a Bachelor’s degree in Finance and Banking, Rodica is specialised in the implementation and management of information systems for MFIs and banks. Her excellent knowledge of microfinance operations and her long experience acquired implementing systems in over fifteen countries enable her to very quickly identify IT needs, diagnose potential issues, suggest the most adequate solutions and then work easily with multicultural and multidisciplinary teams to achieve the desired IT transformation.

Valérie Grivel

Holder of a Bachelor’s degree in Management and a Master’s degree in International Development, Valérie is a swiss certified public accountant. She has acquired her experience in private banks and microfinance institutions, performing both external and internal auditing, as well as developing and implementing internal control systems and procedures. Valérie has outstanding analytical and abstraction skills, being able to extract the most relevant facts and draw a global picture from masses of financial and non-financial information.

Our consultants

Lise Duval

Holder of a PhD in agricultural and rural development Economics, and a Master Degree in Agronomy, Lise spent 10 years working with MFI on analysis of clients’ needs; impact assessment, development and/or improvement of methods for following-up clients as well as their governance process. She also works on diagnosis of agricultural value chains, and development of sustainable and fair market chains; as well as agricultural and rural policies. In these areas, she conducts research, feasibility studies, evaluations (projects, programs or public policies), and provides institutional support and training for practitioners.

Philippe Couteau

Philippe has over 20 years of experience in the microfinance sector. He worked for several years notably in Madagascar, Kenya, Afghanistan, Algeria and Senegal. Philippe was in charge of both operational positions (project’s leader, managing director) and functional positions (Head of Development). His various experience, managing skills, conceptions’ ability and precision enable him to carry on interventions for many different professions in microfinance and optimize the achievement of objectives.

Charlot Razakaharivelo

Charlot is a senior expert in inclusive finance with 28 years of experience. After being responsible of microfinance programs in Madagascar, he is now a true "generalist" of inclusive finance. His core expertises are: governance and strategy, organisational and institutional evolution, relationship with supervisory body, mobile banking, microinsurance, etc. Charlot is also an international auditor in social performance. He is currently the executive director of an NGO (Finance et Développement - FIDEV) and of a consulting firm (Finance et Développement Conseil - FIDECO) in Madagascar.

Arcadius Denis Domingo

Arcadius is an expert in financial and accounting management, with excellent analytical skills. He has been specialised in microfinance for over 27 years, especially in supporting financial institutions from the start but also the one willing to grow, strenghten and be institutionalised. In this sector, Arcadius has had the opportunity to occupy several positions with responsibilities and take parts to many studies in Western, Central, Eastern and Northern Africa and Madagascar.

Guillaume Michel

Guillaume has been an agroeconomist specialised in inclusive finance for over 10 years. He was notably in charge of a rural MFI in Mali before being the Head of Operations within a Senegalese MFI. His excellent knowledge and understanding of SME and Micro clients both in rural and urban areas have enabled him to implement innovative and efficient methodologies regarding savings, credit and micro insurance products for these clients’ segments.

Moussa Tassembedo

Moussa is a senior expert in inclusive finance with over 25 years experience in microfinance and notably in the development of products and financial inclusion mecanims. He is the director of a consulting firm named Lessokon Sàrl in Ougadaougou (Burkina Faso). Moussa has led several studies and evaluation related to microfinance, and more particularly to women and agricultural activities.

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